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  • The premium mushrooms you need

    without the delays, quality issues, and headaches you don’t

If you’re a brand looking for the best mushroom ingredients in bulk, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to bring you the highest-quality certified standardized organic mushroom ingredients and products from our vertically integrated, zero waste lab farm — faster and more reliably than any other company on the planet.

Sound different? It is. We think you’ll find working with us a true breath of fresh air.

New Product Launch

Announcing SO-DSX1® world’s first clinically tested lion’s mane blend to reduce stress and improve cognition. Available now for volume purchases.



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We work (very, very hard) for you

From carefully crafted standardized powders, extracts and blends for a variety of wet and dry applications, to a smarter, more reliable, and planet-friendly way of growing mushrooms in our high-tech lab farm, to a streamlined purchase process, everything at Sempera Organics puts you at the forefront.

Benefits of working with us

Guaranteed transparent quality levels

2 to 3X faster delivery times

Unparalleled customer service

Our Products

Our products are powders of pure mushroom species, proprietary blends, and extracts available in bulk quantities ranging from 1 Kg to 1000 Kgs.

All of our products are made from mushrooms grown in our lab farm in Silicon Valley, California.

Our Solutions

We are your production partner for mushroom-based super foods, supplements and wellness products. Our focus is to create and deliver the best quality products for your business needs. 

We offer a full range of services including formulations, label design, packaging, and large scale contract production. Our facility and those of our partners adhere to cGMP, so you get repeatable high quality products.

Want to purchase our in-stock products?
Or have something custom in mind you’d like us to develop?