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We saw a better way to bring the world quality mushroom ingredients

Then we started doing it

Come on in

See for yourself how we’re growing the world’s purest organic mushrooms in our lab farm.


As a brand, you need premium mushrooms, delivered on time with guaranteed levels at volumes that meet your needs.

But current supply is scarce. Lead times are getting longer. Quality can be disappointing, even in the best of times. No longer.

At Sempera Organics we strive to deliver certified organic mushroom products faster and more reliably than any other company on the planet.

Here’s what that means for you

Guaranteed and transparent quality levels before you buy

In addition to stringent quality checks in our lab, each of our product batches is tested at independent FDA-approved labs. You get a full specification ahead of ordering. An upto date COA is included with every lot delivered.

The shortest delivery time in the industry

Think two-to-three times—or even faster—than you’re used to from our competition.

Unparalleled customer service
We’ll work with you until you’re satisfied. Every time.

Proudly grown in Silicon Valley, CA
Both our company, and our mushrooms, are grown in our state of the art lab farm located right here in the heart of global innovation.

The purest product
No pesticides. No impurities. No compromises.

Our Promise

If you’re not delighted by our quality, purity, and fulfillment times, we’ll give you your money back.

The wellness benefits of mushrooms have been widely known for centuries, particularly in Asia. Right now, as the world looks to find answers to help us fight back against COVID-19 and other novel viruses, mushrooms have a leading role to play.

Planet Wellness

We love and deeply understand mushrooms. We believe mushrooms are central to solve some massive problems.

On our radar? Planet wellness. A sustainable and scalable way to meet the body and mind wellness demands of its growing population. Mushrooms with their substantial medicinal values, satisfying texture, umami flavor, fast growth, small footprint and low energy requirements are an ideal solution.

We can’t be more excited to make an impact. 

Whether you know what you’re looking for or have something unique you’d like, let’s talk.