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Mushrooms will be the superfood of 2022

Named ingredient of the year by the New York Times, mushrooms are going far beyond the realm of omelets, pizza topping, and canned soup. In 2022, the star of the fall harvest will not only be popular in our stirfry, but also in a host of new food products designed to do us good. There’s even a name for it: “mushroom tech.”  

Peas, cashews, potatoes, or even hemp: plant-based milk counts an ever-increasing number of sources as it becomes a heavyweight alternative and even rival to cow’s milk. At the recent 2022 CES tech event, which just closed its doors in Las Vegas, a new genre was introduced: mushroom milk. And it involves much more than just squeezing out the liquid of an enoki or oyster mushroom to obtain vegetable milk! An American company has unveiled a formula based on water, sunflower oil, sugar cane, all mixed with mushroom powder rich in vitamin D2.

Alongside the ancillary ingredients, the major component of the recipe is a vegetable protein obtained after fermentation of mushrooms. To provide alternatives to food products containing the most common allergens, such as soy, nuts or milk, MycoTechnology has developed a plant-based substance that can be used in a wide range of foods, from steak to bread. In its Aurora, Colorado facility, it extracts proteins from rice and peas and ferments them with the world’s second most cultivated mushroom: shiitake. Welcome to “mushroom tech,” the new technology that uses and takes advantage of all the virtues of mushrooms to develop food products.

Mushrooms and well-being

In many recipes, mushrooms are both essential and discreet, providing key flavors but not upstaging other ingredients. And they’re having a moment as the world market for mushrooms is booming. According to research and analysis firm Technavio, sales of mushrooms are expected to grow by 18.78 billion dollars by 2025. Indeed, companies have decided to use it in all sorts of ways, not just in ordinary recipes, but in a host of food innovations dedicated to preserving our health. Know more:

Anand Vaid

Sempera Organics' staff writer seeks out all the latest mushroom news to keep you informed and up-to-date.