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Sempera Organics and Good Machine Announce Partnership to Develop Scale-up Technologies for Mycelium Production 

(MORGAN HILL, CA) — Nirmal Nair, CEO and Founder of Sempera Organics, has announced that Sempera has signed an MOU with Good Machine, a San Francisco-based Venture Studio, to develop advanced manufacturing technologies that will focus on scaling up fungi-based food production.  

The world population is estimated to reach or surpass 10 billion by 2050 – bringing several unique challenges. Models have shown that current agriculture practices and food production methods may not be sustainable. Food production is a complex multi-faceted activity and requires a balance of economics, desire, cultural needs and ability. 

“To make an impact, we should work towards the creation of climate change resilient food sources and associated technologies. Further, production should be close to consumption anywhere in the world with capex, unit economics and scale to impactfully reduce carbon emissions, land water and energy use,” Nair commented.

He added, “Sempera has a clear vision to feed and heal the world using fungi.”  Nair and his team researched ancient cultures and discovered how fungi can be a potential solution. That led to the development of Mamu, Sempera’s flagship food made from mushrooms, mycelium, and chickpeas. According to Nair, Mamu is seeing solid traction in food service, appealing to both chefs and consumers due to its taste, mouthfeel, ingredients, and versatility. 

“With Mamu, we have a desirable food source that provides nutrition sustainably,” he emphasized. “The challenge ahead is to scale Mamu production and do it swiftly. This requires a first principles rethink of every aspect of the process and the use of modern technologies to address the challenges. Our partnership with Good Machine is going to make that happen.” 

This is what led to discussions with David Solomon, CEO of Good Machine, a leading venture studio that invents, incubates, and scales solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. 

Solomon commented, “Sempera is doing promising work for the planet and its people. Good Machine thinks globally and brings that knowledge to its development process. We look forward to partner together on the future of global impact food systems.”

Solomon added, “Good Machine works are the intersection of technology, platform development and taking moonshot ideas to fruition. Established in 2019, Good Machine works at the intersection of technology, innovation, and design. The Good Machine team has won National Geographic awards, scaled technology to over 45 countries, and scaled 5 companies during the first 18 months of the global pandemic.” 

About Sempera Organics

Founded in 2020, Sempera Organics is a California based vertically integrated researcher, grower and manufacturer of fungi-based solutions utilizing a resilient supply chain platform technology. Sempera produces food and functional ingredients for a global market at their zero-waste, sustainable lab farm, meeting 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Visit and for more information.

About Good Machine Inc.Good Machine is a venture studio that specializes in inventing and deploying solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, with a focus on climate, oceans, and biodiversity. Our approach combines expertise from leading engineers, entrepreneurs, and social scientists to quickly and economically prototype, incubate, and scale promising technologies. Learn more at