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Whatever your mushroom needs, we’ve got you covered

Our team will deliver the premium quality mushroom products you can count on

Organic mushroom powders, extracts or blends? 
Yes. We package them in bulk quantities starting from 1 kg to one ton pallets. Our standardized products are California grown and processed. Formulated for a variety of applications from capsules to gummies to ready to drink/ready to mix beverages, we also offer 80 to 100 mesh powders for easy incorporation into wet formulations.


Our products are full-spectrum created from mushroom complex. We use all parts of the mushrooms in our products: hyphae, mycelia, fruit body, primordia, sclerotia, and spores

When mycelia grow, they digest and convert the substrate into more mycelia, primordia, and fruit bodies. Unlike fruit body-only products, using the whole mushroom and substrate enables us to additionally capture the highly active beneficial secondary metabolites.

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End result: more potency, maximum benefits

Mushroom Life Cycle
Top Quality
Pharma Grade Processes

Why Sempera Organics

We are your production partner. As an active ingredient supplier, we understand the importance of dependability across quality, time, and your specific needs. 

Our products are designed with your customer’s wellness in mind. Our mushrooms are lovingly grown by our trained teams under the ideal conditions—in clean room sterile environments—to help them grow healthy and thrive. From these premium mushrooms, we create quality powders and blends and package them for prompt delivery wherever you are. We follow cGMP rules without exception.

Transparency and Communication: You will always speak to a human, experience rapid responses, and follow ups. Our comprehensive product specs and COAs are readily available, as is our inventory. 

We test everything

All of our mushroom species and strains are acquired and DNA tested from notable sources. We isolate the best performing genetics before adding to our species bank.

All of our OMRI compliant raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods are tested for microbial presence and heavy metals. We continuously perform air quality, particle testing, and plate testing around our facility.

Every production batch is additionally tested for moisture, water activity, and potency before QC sign-off.

Pure Mushrooms powders

Our pure (single species) mushroom powders are available in stock in bulk quantities for shipping worldwide. We continuously produce our products, to ensure the shortest lead times for you. 

Mushroom Blends

We provide specific proprietary blends for key benefits that you can readily procure from us.

Need something specific? We can custom develop formulations for your particular needs.

Packaged Solutions

If you need a full-service execution partner, we provide label design, bottling/tooling and full private label services.

We also do contract production to guarantee timely delivery of your products.


There is an abundance of research on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms for dogs. 

Maitake, Reishi, and Shiitake mushrooms are good to use with our canine and equine friends to support cellular functions, allergen response, normal liver, heart, and kidney health. 

We can formulate specific products that can be added to food, snacks, and supplements to help your dogs stay healthy and active.

Advanced Processing

Our standard mushroom powders are milled for typical use cases in tableting, bottling, and additives.

For advanced use cases, we recommend Micronization and Extraction options.


Micronization is a process to reduce the diameter of a solid material’s particles to enable more efficient solubility of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Pulverizing and jet-milling are two proven technologies for micronizing (typically 200 mesh micron size). 

We offer micronization as an optional processing through our preferred partners.

Why Micronize?

Bio-availability is a key differentiator in pharmaceutical and supplement mushroom products. The small particle size (roughly 20 times smaller) could improve our body’s ability to absorb the useful molecules.

Increased solubility and surface area is achieved through micronization. This results in less clumping (if consumed as a beverage additive) or smoother application (if included in creams). 

We recommend micronization mainly for applications in topical cosmetics and for tablets and capsule forms for nutraceutical and pharmaceuticals.


Extraction processes are used to concentrate the compounds from a matrix. This is a popular way to consume mushrooms among home and indie enthusiasts. Mushroom extracts available in liquid and powder (spray dried) forms are increasingly used on a commercial scale to make beverages and functional foods. Proven technologies include single (cold water), Hot Water extractions (HWE) and double (two-pass using alcohol) to capture the full spectrum of water soluble polysaccharides and the water insoluble triterpenes and sterols depending on the mushrooms.

Why Extract?

Higher potency, lesser quantity – A mushroom extract in liquid form is absorbed faster by the body than a regular mushroom powder extract. A concentrated powder or liquid forms means there is less of it needed as doses to provide the same or greater benefit than a non-extracted form. Mushroom extracts have a different taste profile so that should be taken into account for food and beverage formulations.

Bioavailability and measurement – Mushroom walls are composed of chitin that our bodies cannot break down (but our gut biome thrives on that stuff). Breaking down the cell wall chemically or mechanically lets us access the beneficial compounds within. Further, we can accurately measure the compounds and test the efficacy in scientific trials. There is of course a trade off with time and processing cost, so might not be suitable for every application at scale.

We recommend mushroom extracts for high margin applications in nutraceuticals and in formulations for functional foods and beverages.

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Whether you know what you’re looking for or have something unique in mind, let’s talk.