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Laricifomes officinalis (synonym Fomitopsis officinalis), eburiko, quinine conk, Apothekerschwamm
Active Ingredients:  Ergothioneine, fomitopsins, lanostane triterpinoids, indole, phenol, and sterol compounds.

Agarikon is a wood-decay fungus that causes brown heart rot on conifer trees such as hemlock, spruce, larch and Douglas fir. Named “elixirium ad longam vitam”, or “the elixir of long life,” Agarikon is known as the mushroom of longevity and has anti-inflammatory properties that support immunomodulation and cellular health.

Top Benefits Include:

  • Healthy aging
  • Antioxidant

Key Applications:

Agarikon is a popular addition to quality ingredient mixes included in supplements and functional foods and beverages.

  • Dietary supplements for healthy aging
  • Tea and coffee as a functional enhancement
  • Ready-to-eat and grab-n-go foods (soups, shakes and prepared meals) as a functional ingredient

Taste: Earthy and bitter in taste, Agarikon is edible, but not to be consumed in large quantities.   

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