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Black Hoof Mushroom

Phellinus linteus Japanese “meshimakobu”, Chinese “song gen”, English “mesima”, “black hoof mushroom”

Active Ingredients: polysaccharide-protein complexes, furopyranones

Taste: Bitter

Key Applications: Traditional Chinese medicine applications of Black Hoof Mushroom mainly include supporting blood health as well as support normal menstruation in women. Research has shown that this mushroom also has several cardiometabolic support properties and related weight loss support.

Top Benefits Include: 1. Strong antioxidant

2. Supports healthy blood sugar

3. Supports healthy immune system function

Black Hoof Mushroom is a medicinal mushroom used in Japan, Korea and China for centuries and has often traditionally been consumed in the form of a hot tea. It is shaped like a hoof and grows in the wild on mulberry trees.

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