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Lentinula edodes

xiang gu (Chinese)

Active Ingredients: erythritol, copalic acid, adenosine, carvacrol

Taste: Rich, meaty, and buttery when cooked

Key Applications: Shiitake is a popular addition to ingredient mixes included in supplements, functional foods and beverages.

  • Dietary supplements for health and immunity
  • Addition to tea and coffee as a functional enhancement
  • Addition to ready to eat and grab-n-go foods (soups, shakes and prepared meals) as a functional ingredient and enhancing taste due to its rich flavor

Top Benefits Include:

  1. Anti-viral properties
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Supports bone density

During the Ming Dynasty in China, Shiitake mushrooms were known as “the Elixir of Life.” They are commonly used now in cuisine and have been cherished in Eastern medicine to support immune resilience and manage inflammation. Shiitake mushrooms are also known to support healthy cholesterol, energy and brain function.

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