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Best Immune-Boosting Mushrooms

November 27, 2021

Mushrooms are having a moment. One reason is that certain types, like portobello mushrooms, perfectly mimic the texture and taste of meat, while other mushrooms, such as lion’s mane, are known for their medicinal qualities. Not only are immune-boosting mushrooms full of vital minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and powerful, but they can actually help fight off infection, help your body neutralize cancer cells and help you fall, and stay, asleep when it evades you.

These types of mushrooms have been used for centuries to help treat illnesses, fight off diseases, regulate mood disorders, and improve sleep while boosting energy. It turns out the recent research backs this up. Mushrooms are practically miracle food. As more and more people look for natural remedies and understand that “food is medicine,” mushrooms appear to be a powerful addition to any healthy diet.

The most popular immune-boosting mushrooms commonly found in health-food products and natural medicines are turkey tail, reishi, zhu ling, and lion’s mane, which all contain powerful compounds, like one that is used to help patients undergoing radiology or chemotherapy called “protein-bound polysaccharopeptide” that helps them build up their immunity to allow the drugs to kill the cancer cells, but not their healthy cells, according to research. In addition to being able to treat or help prevent diseases, each mushroom has its own special benefits; for instance, the reishi mushroom is known for its calming effects and is often used to help people fall asleep and get the beneficial REM sleep they need.

Before you look for these types of mushrooms on the menu, note they are not popular for culinary usage but rather can be found as active ingredients in supplements,  medicinal chocolate, protein shakes, special teas, and coffee replacements. Here are the four most popular immune-boosting mushrooms to eat when you’re sick or want to stave off infection. Read more:

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