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Lion's Mane Mushroom

Sempera Organics launches SO-DSX1®: Clinically Tested Lion’s Mane Blend Targets Healthy Adults

MORGAN HILL, CA – Sempera Organics, a grower and supplier of premium mushroom ingredients for the natural products industry, has launched its SO-DSX1® branded lion’s mane mushroom blend.

“Brands that want to be a part of the wellness by mushrooms revolution would enjoy distinction with SO-DSX1® as it is shown through a human study to provide two intertwining benefits – stress reduction and improved cognitive acuity — that elevate wellness in younger adults,” described Nirmal Nair, founder and CEO of Sempera Organics.

SO-DSX1® is a patent-pending proprietary blend of lion’s mane fruiting body and mycelium. In the clinical study, adults aged 18 to 45 consumed either SO-DSX1 1.8 g or placebo daily for 28 days and tested at one-hour (acute) and 28-days (chronic) post consumption.

Results showed distinctive improvements in Stroop task time after one hour and Visual Analog Score (VAS) after 28 days. “These results show that SO-DSX1 is a highly attractive choice for healthy adults who are seeking a mental competitive advantage, as well as a stronger sense of well-being through stress reduction,” Nair commented. “Our results show that consumers may feel results in only 28 days. And SO-DSX1 is the very first lion’s mane mushroom studied in a cohort of young healthy adults, showing distinct benefits.”

SO-DSX1 can be customized for specific formulas and is available in several mesh sizes for a wide variety of applications including capsules, gummies, and powdered blends, as well as for functional foods (bars, etc.), and beverages (coffees/teas, kombucha, juices, smoothies, plant-based milks and carbonated beverages).

“And in line with today’s discerning consumers, SO-DSX1 is USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, gluten-free and is CGMP compliant,” Nair added.

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About Sempera Organics

Founded in 2020, Sempera Organics is a California based vertically integrated researcher, grower and manufacturer of fungi-based solutions utilizing a resilient supply chain platform technology. Sempera produces food and functional ingredients for a global market at their zero-waste, sustainable lab farm, meeting 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Visit for more information.