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5 Ways Reishi Mushrooms Can Improve your Health

August 19, 2022

With so many health fads floating around, you may be forgiven for thinking mushrooms are just another one of ‘those’ passing fashion trends. However, the medicinal benefits of mushrooms, particularly the Reishi mushroom, have been around for much longer than you realize. And we’re not talking about a decade or two; we’re talking more along the lines of thousands of years!

Red Reishi, also known as ‘Ling-Zhi,’ has been documented in Chinese medicine since 200 BC. Proving that this type of mushroom is a lot more than the average health geek’s latest experiment. In fact, this ancient Asian medicine has very real health benefits, which we are about to reveal to you!

What Are Reishi Mushrooms?

To fully appreciate the benefits of these fungi powerhouses, you need to understand exactly what they are. These are not your average breakfast mushrooms and won’t be found on the supermarket shelf between the leeks and horse radishes, plump and ready for slicing and dicing into a tasty stir-fry.

Instead, the earthy-tangerine tones of Reishi mushrooms are fan-shaped and commercially grown and processed into capsules, gummies, teas, tinctures, and energy bars. Unfortunately, while safe to eat in their natural state, Reishi mushrooms are naturally woody in texture (hard and chewy) and taste bitter. Obviously, these are two qualities you want to avoid when feasting on a delicious mushroom omelet!

At this point, you’re probably wondering how this bitter fungus could enhance your life. In a nutshell, Reishi mushrooms are great for boosting the body’s immunity and have soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

Reishi Mushrooms Are Beneficial To Our Health Because:

  • They Are Adaptogenic Stress-Soothers: Adaptogens improve and help the body respond well physically to stress and stressful events.
  • They Are High In Antioxidants: They help neutralize free radicals (disease and cancer-causing compounds) in the body and boost overall health.

Top  5 Reishi Mushroom Benefits

Below are five Reishi Mushroom health benefits that could potentially give your life the shroom boost it needs! Read more:

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